Companies Sued Over Asbestos Exposure

Two companies in Pennsylvania have been sued after the alleged death of a man exposed to asbestos. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has come to the decision to overturn the summary judgement of these two companies.

    Marc Lee Lamson filed the appeal against Paper Co. and Weyerhauser Co. Marc Lee Lamson is the succeeding executor of the Franklin Lamson estate. Franklin Lamson was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and claimed that it was because of the doors he worked on as a carpenter.

    One of the judges that authored the opinion stated that, “We hold that [Lamson] submitted sufficient evidence to create a genuine issue of material fact on this question.”

    Lamson claimed that the fire doors that he worked on contained asbestos, and that the doors were provided by Paper Co. and Weyerhauser Co., making them responsible for the mesothelioma he developed. Even one of his colleagues backed up his testimony by stating that the asbestos contaminated doors were in fact provided by Paper Co. and Weyerhauser Co.

    The appellees claimed that although some of their doors contained asbestos, not all of them did, and that even the ones that did contain asbestos wouldn’t have released asbestos filled dust.

However, the ruling clearly states that, “We realize appellees did not admit that every fire door they manufactured contained asbestos; nor did appellant (Franklin Lamson) demonstrate that every fire door he worked on contained asbestos. Nevertheless, appellant did not need to demonstrate that every fire door contained asbestos in order to survive summary judgment.”

The majority of this case was stacked in Lamson’s favor, as even a physician testified that the asbestos released from drilling into the doors was most likely the cause of his mesothelioma.

Workplace asbestos is very dangerous, the fibrous nature of asbestos makes it easy for it to go airborne and be inhaled. When inhaled, it can cause many diseases and cancers. One of these cancers is mesothelioma, which is what Lamson contracted. The dangerous nature of asbestos makes it important to protect workers like Lamson from the dangerous mineral.

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