Columbia Bans Asbestos

Columbia has recently joined other developed nations in the complete ban in production of, sale of, and use of asbestos in their country.

    Asbestos was typically used in Columbia as an insulation for buildings. Due to its heat-resistant nature, asbestos is a good candidate for insulation. However, it is a very dangerous mineral when inhaled. It is very easy to inhale asbestos, as it goes airborne very quickly when disturbed or damaged. When inhaled, asbestos causes a multitude of diseases and cancers of the lungs. According to the World Health Organization, asbestos causes over 100,000 deaths each year due to exposure. Along with this, all forms of asbestos are considered by the World Health Organization to be carcinogenic and deadly.

    This is one of the major reasons for the ban of asbestos in Columbia. Along growth the common knowledge of asbestos being dangerous, a brave journalist has been campaigning against asbestos for the past few years. Ana Cecilia Nino campaigned so heavily against asbestos due to her belief that it was the cause of her mesothelioma. Ana Cecilia Nino worked in an asbestos factory for years before she developed lung cancer in her older age. When someone is exposed heavily to asbestos, especially in a work environment, for such a long period of time, it is very common for them to develop lung cancer. This is what happened to Ana Cecilia Nino.

    After her death in 2012, the topic of asbestos became a hot topic in Columbia again. The bill that was passed was named in memory of her. Although the bill will not take full effect for another five years, this is a very important step in protecting Columbia workers and residents against dangerous asbestos exposure.

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